Session on Elsevier's Article Transfer Service

Thursday 15th June 2023, 12:45-13:15
The session will be run by Neha Garg, Associate Scientific Editor, Environment Journals

Submitting your paper for publication is a critical point in the research cycle, and finding the right journal for your work can be challenging. It may be that your first choice of journal turns out not to be the right one, requiring you to look elsewhere to publish. At Elsevier, the expert editorial teams (consists of Scientific Managing Editors) can help in finding best destination for your paper. We work to provide authors "shortest path to publication" by ensuring transfer process as seamless and efficient.

If you want to know more details about the Elsevier article transfer service, how it actually works, what are the benefits, analytics of process and about the Scientific Managing Editors, we welcome you to join the session.