EcoSummit Cocktail Function

Hosted by Griffith University
Wednesday 14th June 2023, 19:00 – 21:00

Griffith University extends a warm welcome to the delegates of EcoSummit 2023 at a cocktail function to celebrate this gathering of minds dedicated to the preservation and sustainable development of our planet.

The event will be held at SkyPoint in Surfers Paradise - located on top of the iconic Q1 Building, one of the world's tallest residential towers, SkyPoint takes you to the highest point above the Gold Coast and offers spectacular 360 degree views from the surf to the hinterland and beyond where you can enjoy magnificent ocean views and sunsets.

Griffith University has long been at the forefront of environmental research and education, making significant contributions to the field. Our commitment to sustainability and our proactive efforts in addressing global environmental challenges have earned us a distinguished reputation.

Our university's journey towards environmental leadership began over four decades ago, in 1975, when Griffith University was established. From its inception, our institution placed great emphasis on environmental stewardship, recognising the vital role it plays in shaping our world. Over the years, we have developed a strong culture of sustainability, integrating it into our academic programs, research initiatives, and campus operations.

Griffith ranks in the top 2% of universities worldwide, consistently performing in the top 300 of the major international indices. Griffith is also recognised as one of the world's top young universities, regularly featuring in the QS University Rankings: Top 50 Under 50 and Times Higher Education Top 100 under 50.

Griffith University's dedication to environmental credentials is evident in our extensive range of programs and initiatives. We have established world-class research facilities such as the Australia Rivers Institute, the Coastal and Marine Research Centre, the Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security and our Cities Research Institute located here on the Gold Coast. These centres also engage the local community in our research activities with the Humpbacks & High-rises (HHR) initiative established in 2011 running south-east Queensland largest marine mammal monitoring program with a vision to promote marine conservation, undertake research and education. HHR is also the lead organisation for the Gold Coast bay Hope Spot establishing marine protection in the region. research powerhouses focus on environmental science, climate change, biodiversity conservation and how our society interacts with the planet.

Additionally, we take pride in our sustainability-focused infrastructure and practices. Our campuses boast eco-friendly buildings, incorporating energy-efficient technologies and sustainable design principles. We have implemented robust waste management systems, reduced our carbon footprint through renewable energy sources, and promoted active transportation options, all in alignment with our commitment to a greener future.

Tonight's cocktail function is not only an opportunity to relax and enjoy each other's company, but also a chance to celebrate our collective achievements and foster new collaborations. We encourage you to engage in meaningful discussions, share your valuable insights, and forge lasting connections with fellow delegates who share our vision for a sustainable world.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt welcome to the delegates of EcoSummit 2023. Let this evening be a memorable one as we come together to celebrate our shared commitment to environmental stewardship.

Tickets cost US$55 + GST 10% = US$60.5 when ordered in advance and include drinks and canape reception.

The event is also open to local members of the public – registration to the conference is not required to attend the fundraising. Tickets cost US$80 + GST 10% = US$88.

Places are limited so please book early via the online registration system.