Working Groups

The working groups will address the following topics.
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Marine education for young people - creating reef champions

Seavoices: Resonating gender equity in the ocean decade

Reimagining education: Building sustainable universities

Developing an environmental sports field management academy and engaging managers to environmentally certify sports field facilities

Surface modelling of nature futures

Combining health and biodiversity conservation - how to increase public awareness on conservation

Satellite-based radar model for illegal discharges at the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Ecoregion according to MARPOL73_78 Annex I

Lessons from the field: Closing the biodiversity conservation gap

A working group to improve the communication of risks from marine pollution and its impacts on environmental and human health to diverse stakeholders

Creating appetite for climate action – the future is now

Gaming the system: the role of games in facilitating ecological education

Sustainability and resilience of cities

Indicators of human and ecological wellbeing

From hilltops to oceans – the role of coastal habitats for ecosystem resiliencemto anthropogenic change

A model for sustainable coastal landscapes: policies, programs, and strategies from the University of Florida, Florida-Friendly Landscaping™

Sustainable productivity and conservation of wild animals on farms in the Pantanal and surroundings

Organizational culture and environmental crimes for Mongolian customs

Indigenous peoples, water values, and biocultural conservation

Climate change adaptation and resilience amongst migrants and displaced people: Towards the fortification of at-risk communities against climate hazards

Valorizing Sargassum sp. in the global south: Turning the crisis into opportunities

Ecosystem-based management of deep-sea mining

Sustainable circular economy and bioeconomy in management, economics, and policy